Hello! I'm Devansh Sharma.
Who's this guy?
I'm a student studying Computer Science at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

I am a Computer Science student at McMaster University who has immense passion for programming and basically anything related to new technologies.

First and foremost, I love writing code. Throughout middle and high school, I latched on to any ideas for projects I could get. I moved from "Hello World" all the way to an android game built with the Unity Game Engine, with dozens of projects in between. I learned Python, then C++, tearing through any books I could find on anything remotely related to software development.

I have a variety of skills to offer ranging from technologies such as JavaScript, Express.js, Node.js to C++ and Unity Game Engine. But, my biggest skill would be my passion ability to learn new technologies/languages quickly and then using them to make applications.

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